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                     Our purpose is: "Perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their country....

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Tuesday, July 11, 2017 08:53 PDT

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About Ten Members Attended Rick Campbell Book Signing

Posted  July 10, 2017


Image provided by Steve Corcoran

A native of Cocoa, Florida, Rick attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and spent over thirty years in the Navy. His tours of duty include four nuclear powered submarines, the Pentagon, and the Undersea Weapons Program Office.

Upon retirement from the Navy, Rick was offered a two-book deal (which has been extended to a six-book deal) by Macmillan / St. Martin's Press for his novel - 
The Trident Deception, which was hailed by Booklist as "The best submarine novel since Tom Clancy's classic - The Hunt for Red October". His first three books were Barnes & Noble Top-20 bestsellers, and his fourth book—Blackmail—releases in June 2017. Rick lives with his family in the greater Washington, D.C. area, and is working on the fifth and sixth books in this series, due out in early 2019 and 2020.

Retired Navy Commander and author Rick Campbell held a book signing at Barnes & Noble book Store in Silverdale this past Saturday presenting his latest submarine thriller, "Blackmail". After the book  signing, about ten base members attended  a reception at the Yacht Club Broiler.



A U.S. Navy aircraft carrier patrolling the   Western Pacific Ocean is severely damaged by a surprise salvo of cruise missiles. While the Russian government officially apologizes, claiming it was the result of a fire control accident during a training exercise, it was instead a calculated provocation. The American president accepts Russia's explanation, and with the U.S. Pacific fleet already severely under strength following America's war with China, the Russian President decides that the American response is a clear indication of their weakness, militarily and politically, and initiates a bold plan.

Political unrest is spreading through the Eastern European states. The Russian Northern Fleet moves swiftly into the Mediterranean Sea, the Russian army is moving west to the border, and Russian Pacific and Black Sea Fleets are mobilized. In one bold strike, the Russian army reoccupies a large number of the industrialized areas of the former USSR, while blockading the vital sea passages through which the world’s oil and natural gas transit.

To make matters worse, Russia’s Special Forces have wired every major oil and natural gas pipeline with explosives. If the U.S. makes one move to thwart Russia, they’ll destroy them all. The U.S. is risking disaster if it acts, but the alternative is quite possibly worse. Torn between the unthinkable and the impossible, America's only possible move is ― launch an attack on all fronts, simultaneously.


Ten Base Members Enjoy Bainbridge's Annual Grand O' 4th of July Parade

Posted  July 7, 2017


L-R: Base Commander Steve Corcoran, Bonefish Float Manager Sam Swenson, Dutch Kaiser, Don Floyd, WRD 4 Cdr Al Durkee, Past Base Cdr &  WD4 VCdr Jim  DeMott, John Gardner, Rudy Rimando, Base Webmaster Don Bassler and Base SK Ralph Harris.

Photo provided by Base Commander Steve Corcoran

Shown above are the 10 members and the base float, USS Bonefish, that participated in the subject parade. The crowds along the parade route were showing their respect with great applause as we passed.  Being very close to the front of the parade, we were out of it in 30 minutes.  We then accepted an invitation from the American Legion COLIN HYDE POST 172, on the island, to enjoy a great barbecue prepared by their members. (Some great cooks and desert preparer). A good time was had by all.


Welcome Aboard:


Stanley J Mack (Sargo, Richard Russell, Tinosa, Flying Fish & Nevada) &  Jim McKibben (Abraham Lincoln, Ethan Allen, Robert E  Lee, Thomas A Edison & Ohio)


About Nine Members Participated in Port Orchard's 2017 Fathoms O' Fun Parade

Posted  June 26 ,2017


On Saturday Evening, 24 June,  nine members participated in this annual parade.  The best part was when  Ralph and Rosemarie Harris put on a spread of chow, liquid refreshments and deserts at their home which made for a great day.



Scholarship Raffle Prize Donors & Winners

Posted  June 23 ,2017


          Prizes will be mailed to you.  Please consider making purchases at our donors.


Donor Name



Bremerton Base

William Accord

Bremerton Base

Regina Raney

Tony's Pizza


19th Hole

Larry Kramer




Cheryl Coffey

Olive Garden

Dennis Nardone

All Star Lanes(2hr lane rent)


Round Table Pizza

Don Bassler


David Pittman




Creative Edge Barber Shop

Don Bassler

Creative Edge Barber Shop

Ken Lemay


G Schaefer

The Point Casino

Nola Litscher

Centering Massage

G Schaefer

Home Made Café

Dick Litscher

Los Cabos

Albert Thurlow

Bremerton Symphony (2)

Ken Lemay

Bremerton Symphony (2)

Bob Springer

Doc's Marina Grill



Azteca Poulsbo

Jim DeMott

Blue Goose Tavern

Debra Cox

Cooper Fuel

Mike Dunplby

Clearwater Casino

Myrna Calhoon

Boat Shed

Leo Taflin

                 Thank you for helping Subvet children and grandchildren go to college



June 20th Meeting Summary - Scholarship Awards

Updated June 23 ,2017


Shown below with Commander Steve Corcoran and Scholarship Chair John Gardner are three of the five base $1000 scholarship winners for 2017.  Two young men won but could not be present. L to R: Steve, Elysabeth Lamoureux, Zoe Wiltz, Lillian Schmidt and John.


The scholarship winners are:

David Degnan is sponsored by his grandfather James Kendall. He is attending George Fox University and is studying Biology and Biological Research.


Elysabeth Lamoureux is sponsored by her grandfather Alan Lamoureux. She graduated from Bremerton High School and will be attending Linder University-Belleville, in IL. Majoring in Health Science.


Ryan Lynch is sponsored by his grandfather John Lynch. He is attending Belmont University majoring in Musical Theater.


Lillian Kaiser Schmidt is sponsored by her grandfather Gary Kaiser. She is attending Western Washington University majoring in Behavioral Neuroscience.


Zoe Wiltz is sponsored by her father Steven Wiltz. She is attending Grand Canyon University majoring in English for Secondary Education.



Summer Schedule

July  Monthly Meeting

Tuesday, July 18th, 2017, 1900

 FRA 29, 521 National Ave. Bremerton



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November 2017 Install Sponsors

Thompson (2)



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" Always remember you're unique, just

       like everyone else. "




July 7, 2017

Photos by Don Bassler








Pre Historic Times

Prehistory is the period of human activity between the use of the first stone tools ~3.3 million years ago and the invention of writing systems, the earliest of which appeared ~5300 years ago.

Sumer in Mesopotamia, the Indus valley civilization and ancient Egypt were the first civilizations to develop their own scripts, and to keep historical records; this took place already during the early Bronze Age.

 Neighboring civilizations were the first to follow. Most other civilizations reached the end of prehistory during the Iron Age. The three-age system of division of prehistory into the Stone Age, followed by the Bronze Age and Iron Age, remains in use for much of Eurasia and North Africa, but is not generally used in those parts of the world where the working of hard metals arrived abruptly with contact with Eurasian cultures, such as the Americas, Oceania, Australasia and much of Sub-Saharan Africa. These areas also, with some exceptions in Pre-Columbian civilizations in the Americas, did not develop complex writing systems before the arrival of Eurasians, and their prehistory reaches into relatively recent periods.

The beginning of written materials (and so the beginning of local "historic times") varies; in many cultures, especially outside Eurasia, it follows conquest by a culture with writing, and often the earliest written sources on pre-literate cultures come from their literate neighbors. The period when a culture is written about by others, but has not developed its own writing is often known as the protohistory of the culture. By definition, there are no written records from human prehistory, so dating of prehistoric materials is crucial. Clear techniques for dating were not well-developed until the 19th century.

This article is concerned with human prehistory as defined here above. There are separate articles for the overall history of the Earth and the history of life before humans. However, for the human race as a whole, prehistory ends when recorded history begins with the accounts of the ancient world around the 4th millennium BC, and coincides with the invention of writing.

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